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Truffle & Porcini Roll Cultured Cashew Cheese by Catalyst Creamery 4 oz

Truffle & Porcini Roll Cultured Cashew Cheese by Catalyst Creamery 4 oz

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Add Some Elegance to Your Cheese Board with Our Truffle & Porcini Roll

Indulge in the decadent flavor of our Truffle Roll, a luxurious vegan cheese made from cultured cashews.

Infused with the flavor of  earthy black truffles and porcini mushrooms this soft and creamy cheese has a rich flavor and a sophisticated aroma that's sure to impress.

Perfect for entertaining or as a gourmet snack, our Truffle & Porcini Roll is the ultimate indulgence for cheese lovers who are looking for a plant-based alternative. Enjoy it on crackers, tossed with pasta for a creamy cruelty free alfredo, or your favorite dishes for a touch of decadence in every bite. We recommend whipping the cheese, adding a drizzle of oil, and serving with warm crusty bread. Delish!


***We have intentionally removed the truffles from this cheese upon learning that trained truffle hunting dogs were used to harvest them. The truffle flavor comes from a flavored oil and is deepened by the addition of porcini mushrooms which you can see speckled throughout the cheese. Cheers to a kinder tastier world***


Ingredients:  Cashew, Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Salt, Dried Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle Oil (Olive Oil, Black Truffle Flavor), Vegan Cultures and Enzymes.

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