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Urfa Cultured Cashew Cheese by Catalyst Creamery 4 oz

Urfa Cultured Cashew Cheese by Catalyst Creamery 4 oz

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This one is for the pepper lovers.

We start with our small batch crafted cultured cashew and create a coating of urfa peppers. Urfa Biber is characterized by a unique combination of smokiness, a mildly sweet undertone, and a subtle raisin-like fruitiness. Its moderate heat level makes it a perfect match for our creamy cultured cashew cheese.

 Enjoy it on a charcuterie board, spread on warm bread, or add a distinctive twist to your favorite dishes. Immerse yourself in the world of savory indulgence with our Urfa Biber-infused Cultured Cashew Cheese.

This lil cutie comes in our new wheel shape. It's firm enough to slice but creamy enough to spread. This style of cheese can be used as a base for a sauce but does not melt like our hemp wedges.


Ingredients:  Cashew, Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Salt, Dried Urfa Biber, Vegan Cultures and Enzymes.

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